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Nathan Morin

I’ve heard of Bitcoin before, but I never actually cared to study the subject more thoroughly. I mean, the technology is far beyond my comprehension and the thought of Bitcoin as a source of income has never crossed my mind. But that’s all changed when I stumbled upon this book about 6 months ago. It has shown me the prospects of owning Bitcoins and convinced me to buy some. That was the single best decision I ever made in my life. Since then the Bitcoin price has increased by more than 3 times! Every day I check my Bitcoin wallet and see my savings grow by themselves, I feel like a genuine investor. At this rate I’ll be able to quit my job by the end of the year!

Victoria Dean

Being a housewife takes its toll on keeping up with the outer world. Only 2 months ago have I heard about Bitcoin for the first time. One could say I’ve been living under a rock… which is somewhat true. Then I found out of this book everyone was talking about online and decided to give it a go. Gotta say, This book has opened my eyes. And when I saw the Bitcoin price history, I couldn’t believe it. From almost 0 to thousands of dollars a piece. All those missed opportunities... I could’ve been rich by now, had I invested in Bitcoin a couple of years earlier. Oh well, there’s no point in regretting over the past unless they invent a time machine. What’s important is that thanks to the book’s advice I’m still able to get significant profits out of my investment even now. I even accumulated enough profits to travel to Greece next week.

Back in 2013, when the cryptocurrency boom was just kicking off, we released a comprehensive guide on Bitcoin which hadhelped more than 76900 users all over the worldto delve into the cryptocurrency business and get significant profits.

The new version is expected to be even more valuable due to accumulated over the years experience and drastic changes in the field of digital currencies taken into account.

    Old ebook:

  • Bitcoin introduction
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Exchanges review
  • General Investment advice (obsolete)
  • Altcoin overview

    New enhanced edition:

  • Bitcoin and Altcoins thorough analysis
  • Bitcoin and
    Altcoins thorough analysis
  • Blockchain technology explanation
  • Detailed ICO overview
  • Real investment cases
  • Extencive cryptocurrency portolio advice

What you can expect from the book

First, you will be introduced to cryptocurrencies in general and you will learn the principle of their work. You will understand what the blockchain technology is and why it is to revolutionize the World.

We will teach you to work with digital currency wallets and acquire various coins.

We will answer all the questions concerning the field of cryptocurrency investing and trading as well as will help you to find your place there. Perhaps you will want to become an investor?

We will provide an insight on the most promising Altcoins which we believe someday will rival Bitcoin.

We will show you real cases of businesses profiting off cryptocurrencies. ICO will no longer be an obscure abbreviation everyone babbles about to you.

You will be able to build your own cryptocurrency portfolio and exchange Bitcoins for other currencies.

We will shed a light on a darker side of Bitcoin: its connection to the criminal world.